Apple  $14
Enjoy this warm spicy cider taste

Blackberry  $14
Rich‎ in flavor and great with dessert

Raspberry  $14
Rich, sweet and tasty; pairs well with chocolate
oak finish

~Fruit Wine~‎

Harvest White  $14 
A crisp, dry white wine full of citrus tones

Atwood Reserve  $14
This white dry vidal has a style of its own

Chambourcin $14
Medium dry red estate wine, full of flavor

Cabernet Sauvignon $18
Medium body with a smooth, rich finish

KY Barrel Red $18
Chambourcin grade aged in a bourbon barrel

Norton Reserve $20
Enjoy this full body, estate, red wine with a light oak finish

Winery Menu

~Dry Wine~‎

*Five Wine Tastings for $5*‎
Beer for $3
Angry Orchard, Blue Moon, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite

~Semi-Sweet Wine~‎

Vidal Blanc  $16
A smooth white, estate wine, crisp apple taste with a perfect balance of sweetness

Sunset Lynn  $14
Light and fruity, made from the Chambourcin grape

Preslee Red  $15
Lightly oaked, a tasteful semi-sweet red wine

Oh Charlie  $14
A nice blend of Vidal and Chambourcin grapes

Paige White  $14
A sweet and unique taste of fruit flavors, derived from  a Cayuga grape

Concord  $12
Sweet red wine, bursting with that concord grape flavor